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Just got these and put them to use! Perfect for anyone who has smaller ear canals. (I had the original AirPods and they consistently fell out when I chewed or smiled due to how small my ears were) The noise cancellation does a great job- I bought them to drown out snoring sounds due to my insomnia and being a light sleeper. I put soothing sounds (rain shower, crackling fire etc) and couldn’t hear any snoring from my partner, the sound quality is good. Not too bulky either, they stay in very well and feel comfortable. 

Johnny L

Personal Stylish

This isn't my first time purchasing wireless earbuds from Enacfire. I'd say I'm a customer for life, the quality of their earbuds are A1. Not to mention the great affordable price. The battery life is long lasting with great audio and noise cancellation. Only reason I got new one's was because I dropped my other case like 1,000 times lol but I love these earbuds. Definitely recommend getting you a pair I'd you're looking for something wireless.

Fonzie B.

Travel Blogger

This is actually the second pair of Enacfire earbuds I own now. Just like my previous pair they sound great! I love that the noise cancelling feature can be turned off. But it isnt too strong. Some noise cancelling headphones/earbuds I've tried, give me a popping feeling like I'm on a plane .. no issue with these. The bass response is great. You wont believe the sound that comes out of these things. The range is very good too. I really like the type-c port for charging. I really hate having to bring 4-5 different cables everywhere just to charge devices. the case is really flat so it fits right in your pocket and will recharge the earbuds several times. I highly recommend making these your next set.

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