Mystery Box (Lucky box)
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    Mystery Box (Lucky box)

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    MYSTERY BOX (Lucky Box)

    100% Wireless Earbuds or Speakers or Others

    Limited item, while supplies last.

    • $30 Value (or more) guaranteed.
    • Guaranteed ENACFIRE Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds with Charging Case or Wireless Bluetooth Speaker or the Latest Brand Product in every box.
    • Surprise product that may include the following models: F1, E60, E90, G20, E18, A9, A8, Forte, T1, E19, Future, Future Plus, F2, H500, G10, Geek, M6 Soundbar, Soundtank
    • Orders Ship Within 7-10 Business Days 
    • The product is for fun and lucky purposes.
    • This product is Non-refundable.
    • Discount code is not applicable.
    • “Free Shipping” can not be applied to this item.

    Differences between Two Options:

    -One $9.99

    One model randomly selected from all new and refurbished products pool

    1 Year Warranty

    -Two $29.99

    One model randomly selected from all new earbuds and speakers pool

    2 Years Warranty

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