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ENACFIRE Product Distribution Announcement

by Mars Wong on August 30, 2021

Dear all,

You might have noticed that when you search 'ENACFIRE' on Amazon, our product does not show up as it used to be. This is because the Amazon official has taken our brand out from their system. The main reasons are not confirmed. But some suspected it to be review manipulation.

On the 11th of June, we were contacted by ‘Which?’ (the famous UK's consumer champion who dedicates to protect consumer rights). They informed us about the suspicious review activities they found. In their newsrelease, we replied:

’I saw the reviews and [am] feeling very upset. It is absolutely damaging to our brand image. We will perform an internal investigation towards our distributors and external to those who [are] selling Enacfire products but not in our distributor's list. The punishment [will] be stopping supplies to them. By becoming one of our distributors and selling Enacfire products [on] Amazon, we require all of our distributors to obey all the policies from Amazon. The behavior was conducted by Amazon sellers who sell Enacfire products and our brand does not support the behavior of review manipulation, which seems to be a common problem with Amazon.’

Our internal investigations have shown that many of our distributors do involve in these review manipulation activities. Instead of providing a better service to our customers, they picked the wrong way. Hence we brought back our stock from some of our distributors to help them fix the overstock issue. However, there are some distributors who continue to sell our products at Amazon under a different brand name.

We hereby announced:

  1. Regarding all ENACFIRE products that were purchased on Amazon after the 23rd of June 2021, the warranty will not be honored by enacfire.com. However, we will still provide tech supports to these products.
  2. All ENACFIRE products that were purchased before the 23rd of June 2021. Regardless of the 2 years warranty extension form, we will provide the 2 years warranty as we promised.

Q1. Why did the package that I ordered from enacfire.com the official store has the Amazon packing label and shipped by Amazon?
A: We buy back some stock from some distributors in order to help them through the unsalable problem.

Q2. I brought some products of yours from Amazon after the 23rd of June and now the product is now malfunctioning. Where can I seek help?
A: Logically, most of the products that people brought on Amazon have 30 days free return and 180 days of warranty promised. You may ask Amazon support to provide certain help. Although it's ENACFIRE product's packing and logos on it, we can not guarantee the product's origin/modification after we stopped the contract with the distributors.

Q3. Why the 23rd of June?
A: It is the date our brand was removed from Amazon. Same date, our internal investigation finished.

Q4. Where should I seek official products then?
A: At ENACFIRE.com, this is the only place we sell our products with all guarantees.

Again, we are terribly sorry for the lack of supervision over the distributors. From now on, our main focus is to provide better service and products to our customers with this direct-to-consumers official site. Hope we can earn more approval and acceptance from you.

Thank you for supporting ENACFIRE.

Mars Wong
Branding & Distribution Manager

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