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How do you start with affiliate marketing with ENACFIRE?

by Natalie Hathaway on April 13, 2022
Tips on Affiliate Marketing (credit&thanks to Photo by Monstera: https://www.pexels.com/photo/tablet-with-check-mark-near-credit-card-and-money-6289028/)

We all wanna get passive income. Affiliate is undoubtfully the best star-up. Simply become an agent or middleman between the sellers' company and the customers, and a commission will be sent to your account. There is a common path on the internet about how to do it in steps:

  1. Find a niche
  2. Sign up at one or more affiliate programs
  3. Build your traffic and build trust
  4. Get the affiliate links in your content

But let’s break down each step, they are not as easy as they seem to be.

  1. Find a niche: Everyone talk about finding a niche as if they are really that obvious to be found. Are the niches profitable?
  2. Choosing affiliate programs. This is a hard move. Signing up for big affiliate programs such as ClickBank or Amazon Affiliation seems to be a good choice. But normally the commission rates will be unexpectedly low. Not to mention it takes a lot of effort to signup as a publisher.
  3. Build your traffic and build trust: The hardest thing is to get your own traffic and build trust. Creating attractive content and posting them in right place will draw certain traffic to you.
  4. Get the affiliate links in your content: Alright, this is the easy part.

Whenever do people ask me how much one can actually make from affiliate marketing?

Well, my answer is always:’Lower than your expectation. But it is always a good thing to get extra income and get your own audiences.’

Here are my tips for starting an affiliate marketing project:

  1. Always think about creating content first, but the niche later
  2. Always find it easy to sign up for an affiliate program
  3. Always find an affiliate program that can pay you within 2 months
  4. Always introduce a product close to everyone’s life
  5. Always introduce a brand product that has many Media coverages
  6. If there is one product that your audience like, keep writing about its category

Please check on our affiliate program:

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