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How to choose an ENACFIRE Bluetooth speaker?

by Natalie Hathaway on September 20, 2021

Just hope you are not only looking for the loudest bluetooth speaker.


As you may know, ENACFIRE is committed to make bluetooth audio products that cost less and higher performance. There are currently two bluetooth speaker models we are selling. This article is aiming to help everyone know a bit more about both of them and how to choose in between.

Soundtank on desk 

ENACFIRE Soundtank Speaker: The most exciting thing about the Soundtank would be its tws function. Thanks to this function, if you own two Soundtanks, these two speakers can be connected by simply one press. Unlike other brands that need a dedicated phone app to set up the connection for two speakers, this function can be easily set up by 'pair and connect'. Just image the theatre feeling or the party mood that they can create. Moreover, there is also a bass+ button that can increase the bass by extra 50%.


 Soundbar on desk

ENACFIRE Soundbar Speaker: With the double high-power 12 watts ultra large drivers, the speaker creates 360 degree sound zone. This Soundbar is perfect for the situation where 4-8 party members, or when you need to set up a room for audio journey. Although it does not come in multifunctional as the Soundtank does, but it's certainly the best option for the below screen speaker choice. With the IPX7 rating of waterproof level, outdoor activities would be fully support. But don't put them in the water, cause you may not able to hear a thing or get it out without damaging it. Last but not the least, the Soundbar has a battery that can last up to 25 hours of music playtime. Stop worrying about a whole day partying.

by Adrian Batt on November 11, 2022

I’m a big fan of Enacfire products. I have the Soundbar Bluetooth speaker and am delighted with it. I also have my “go to” pair of small G10 earbuds which I love for their sound, comfort and noise isolation. For travel, or noisy environments I have the A8 noise cancelling earbuds. I also have a pair of white E60 earbuds which I bought after my puppy chewed my first pair of G10 earbuds.

As you can see, I trust this brand and know I’ll always get superb sound coupled with excellent value for money. When I can justify it, my next purchase will be the well reviewed Soundtank Bluetooth speaker.

by RB on December 23, 2021

I have used Enacfire Bluetooth buds and speaker for more than a year and they have performed really well!! Great brand


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