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Questions we answered on Quora (Updating)

by Natalie Hathaway on August 10, 2021

We have answered some questions on the Quora to help people figuring out how to fix their earbuds. Consider this a help guide.

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Q: Why does my phone volume keep turning itself down when I have earbuds/headphones in?

A:  There are more than one condition as you describe this issue.

  1. While you turn the volume up from your phone, it keeps at a certain level of volume, keeps you from turning up further. But it won't turn down more than a certain volume.
  2. When you have your earbuds in, the volume starts to turn down. But when you take them off, it will go back to normal.

In condition 1:

It‘s your phone’s auto protection that controls the volume from turning much higher. Go into ‘Settings’ -> ‘Sound(Audio)‘ -> ‘Protection(Restrictions)’, then you should be able to see the control. The words or steps can be a bit different. But generally, same steps.

In condition 2:

If your earbuds have a volume control sector, either touch control or button control. There is a probability that it‘s malfunctioning. The simplest way is always to reset your earbuds. (You can‘t reset it if it’s a wired one.) If it doesn‘t work? Hopefully, you still have your warranty active. Contact the customer service team to send over a replacement. (It could be a chip error as well, but very little chance.)

Hope my answer helps.

P.S.: Malfunction of any electronic components are very rare, but there is still a probability that it happens. Always make sure you have a one-two years warranty protection when you buy something electronic.

Original post: https://www.quora.com/Why-does-my-phone-volume-keep-turning-itself-down-when-I-have-earbuds-headphone-in


Q: Can you shower in IPX4 rated headphones?

A:  I wouldn’t recommend you doing that.

IPX4 is not exactly a high rank for waterproof.

And according to the International Electrotechnical Commission(IEC), the organization that makes(assemble and publish) the standard. IPX4 generally means the item is tested and ‘survived’ with quote:’Water splashed against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effects.’

But they did not mention three very important things:

  1. Defined ‘Water splashed’
  2. How long did they test it for?
  3. What temperature is the water? (Since you are planning to take shower with it. The temperature should definitely be an issue.)

Since our products have been through the testing process, these are my answers:

  1. ‘Water splashed’ can be quite similar to the gentle shower water speed that comes from the showerhead.
  2. 10 minutes.
  3. Normally, room temperature.

From an industrial aspect, IPX4 is rather a low rating as well.

From daily practice experience, normally a company would not have it in warranty coverage. While they did not specify in the manual: ‘Do/Don’t wear them to shower.’

In all, I highly recommend you do not wear them to shower.

Original post: https://www.quora.com/Can-you-shower-in-IPX4-rated-headphones


Q:  How do earbuds fit in small ears?

A:  When brands like us making earbuds, we normally do marketing research before designing. Since most people are looking for snug-fit ones, most of the earbuds are big.

Sometimes we find out: ‘Ok, there is a growing demand for small ears.’ We will start finding the angle. The marketing team then goes deep into the research of how small exactly should the earbuds be.

Terms like ‘Small ear hole size’ and ‘small ear hole shape’ and ‘How long is the external auditory canal’, even ‘Are small ear holes easy to get oil?’ are researched just in order to get the right material and shape.

Therefore when the products are produced, the brand should normally make a loud demonstration that ‘This one is for small ears.’

Just search it on google or the marketplace for earbuds for small ears, it should work.

Alternatively, take a look at the ones hot selling in the Asian market. Because normally they have smaller ears, but one thing, they do not wear earbuds for sport that often.

Original post: https://www.quora.com/How-do-earbuds-fit-in-small-ears


Q:  How long do wireless earbuds last?

A:  From 2 aspects:

1. Battery life

Normally the battery life remains good for 24 months. That’s why most of the brands set their warranty at 2 years.

2. Sound quality needs(Technology development)

If you are a high-standard guy who always looks for better sound quality. I would say your earbuds last only one year. The industrial standard resets every time apple releases new AirPods. It’s a general trend.

But in my opinion, I have seen a lot of consumers looking for the old model that they have been using for 2years or 3 years. Although they do want something new, but the old model have already satisfied with their needs and they do not want to take the risk to try new ones. Some new functions are cool but they won't use them at all.

Original post: https://www.quora.com/How-long-do-wireless-earbuds-last


Q:  Why are most of the true wireless earbuds so ugly?

A:  In order to avoid pattern violations and to fit ergonomics concepts, it is pretty hard to design a not-so-ugly one.

As our company the design process are as follows:

  1. The first designer who knows only beauty draw some drafts based on the tech term and inspiration.
  2. The mechanical engineer(second designer) takes over and reviews the drafts. He/she will do some mandatory but ugly changes to the earbuds and case.
  3. Then the marketing team, first designer and mechanical engineer will have a few meetings to balance the design and tech needs.
  4. After discussion, we will have two final drafts starting for the prototype. These two drafts are ugly already.

Now you know why most of them look ugly. However, we are always striking for a better looking and using earbuds. Hope my answer helps.

Original post: https://www.quora.com/Why-are-most-of-the-true-wireless-earbuds-so-ugly


Q: What are your Airstream Pro earbuds reviews? Are they a scam or legit AirPod competitors?

A:  You will see a lot of earbuds that look like Airpods that still own a part of the market. There are several reasons for that. (Low pricing/similar shape/confusing marketing)

From a manufacturer’s point of view, there are several significant parts of costs that add up to the price you see. I saw people discussing how much the actual cost of a set of earbuds. Kindly allow me to break it down for you: Marketing cost + Tech cost + Shipping cost + Other costs

More detailed->

Marketing cost: It’s the major cost for most of the big brands. In order to let the customer actually see it and consequently generate interest in it. Lastly, conversion, use contents/discounts/frequent-appearances.

Tech cost: This is mainly the function that attracts you. Such as the AptX sound quality(Qualcomm chip), the low latency, the ANC(Active Noise Cancellation), and the function that you did not see with other earbuds. Either they bought the functions or they develop these functions themselves. These all cost a lot.

Shipping cost: Most of the earbuds are made in Asia. In order to get them to Northern America, Australia and Europe, shipping cost normally takes 20 bucks per set to get to your door front.

Other costs: Manpower cost, customer service cost, etc.

A basic cost for legit wireless earbuds should be around 30–50 bucks.

Regarding your question, I am not very familiar with this Airstream Pro at the beginning. But I did a bit of search, they have a very identical shape to the Airpods. Since I do not actually have one, I can not say how they actually are. But in terms of company size and marketing, I did not see any signs of scam by now but they are definitely not a competitor to Airpods.

Original post: https://www.quora.com/What-are-your-Airstream-Pro-earbuds-reviews-Are-they-a-scam-or-legit-AirPod-competitors


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