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How to choose an ENACFIRE wireless earbuds?

by Scott Green on August 09, 2021

Series Introduction - The 'E' series

Sometimes, we got asked by customers: 

‘Why E60? Why A9? How do you come out with the names? Are the products in series?' 


Starting from this post, we are introducing our products for better buying guides. The 'E' series, is the first series we started way back in 2018. We announced our first generation of TWS earbuds. E18, then E18 Plus, E19, E20, E60, and E90. I will skip most of the tech-term parts since this Info is on the product detail page. Such as the Bluetooth 5.0, IPX rating(7-8), power indication LEDs, and so forth.


E18 is a very simple product that aims to bring HD stereo audio. It is very easy to use. But the downside is its duration time. The E18 is only able to provide 15 hours of playtime in total.

 E18 Plus would be the most famous product from us. Not bluffing its excellency now, but as of 2019 when we bring out this product, it is astonishing. We looked into the google trend search and found out this model turns out to be the memory point. Around the Christmas shopping season of 2019, we sold almost a quarter of a million units to the world. It is still quite a piece till now. It is a pair of earbuds with a Qualcomm chip, and long playtime (approx. 40 hours). It inherited the E18's easy-to-use feature. What's good with a Qualcomm chip is, it provides a comparatively better connection and AptX sound quality. E18 Plus wireless earbuds image

E19 has a disc-round shape which by market research it is the trend of the time. This is the first attempt we try to make an earbud for sport. Hence it is extremely light and comfortable. The earbuds can be paired in 2 modes - Single drive and Dual drive mode. Although the E19 has only 30 hours of music playtime. We make amendments by quick charging, these earbuds only need 1.5 hours to get fully charged.

 E20 is the predecessor of the ENACFIRE F1 and Future Plus. The significant feature is its power bank function. We wanted to bring something new there, a pair of wireless earbuds but also a power bank. The downside yet would be its big size and heavyweight.



After all, sounds are different for everyone. Just like smartphones, most of them look the same during these years. But if we went back before 2005, there are a lot more shapes.



E60 is rated 7.1 on RTINGS.com which is a 0.5 higher score than the AirPods. This model comes in many colors, black/white/red/blue/grey. Maybe that's why parents often bought this model for their Gen-Z kids. The charging case can use either Type-C or wireless methods to charge. Our research shows this model would be the most discussed model of all ENACFIRE TWS earbuds. Some do not like the L/R words on the earbuds. But frankly, some people tell us: 'We found it to be convenient at last.' 

E60 Wireless earbuds image  

E90 has the most unique design of all the wireless earbuds. Not dots nor stem type, but a combination of these two. Some may argue it looks a bit like the AirPods Pro. In some aspects, we admin that. We figured out earbuds are detailed products, they are tiny though. Yet any bit of differences could lead to a different user experience. This model is also well known for its extra deep bass and rich details. Based on our research, this E90 model turns out to be the most welcomed product by Millennials. 

E90 wireless earbuds image


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