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ENACFIRE Future Wireless Earbuds
ENACFIRE Future Wireless Earbuds
ENACFIRE Future Wireless Earbuds - Superior Music Quality
ENACFIRE Future Wireless Earbuds - the future of audio
ENACFIRE Future Wireless Earbuds - details
ENACFIRE Future Wireless Earbuds introduction functions
ENACFIRE Future Wireless Earbuds - comfortable to wear
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    ENACFIRE Future Wireless Earbuds

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    About ENACFIRE Future  Wireless Earbuds 

     For Forte which has similar shape

    • Thanks to ENACFIRE’s advanced passive noise cancellation technology, you can hear your music with no distortion even in less ideal environments. Super Heavy bass allows you to turn up when you want to tune out. Comfortable material fits perfectly in your ears - no adjustment, no irritation or discomfort.
    •  Bluetooth You can count on it. The ENACFIRE FUTURE Bluetooth earbuds have an impressively strong and stable connection signal that can extend all the way up 33-66 feet. Use them around your home and your office without worrying about interruptions or technical difficulties. This is the easiest and most hassle-free wireless experience you’ve been looking for.
    •  You don’t need any skills to use these wireless headphones. They are easy to connect as they are available for a connection once picked up from the case. Make it so different from the traditional earbuds that you have to click the power button to have them ready for connection.
    • ENACFIRE FUTURE wireless earbuds can last for 4H with a single charge, but with the innovative portable charger which can recharge the earbuds 4 times, ENACFIRE FUTURE wireless earbuds playtime is increased to 18H. Ideal for everyday life and extraordinary days. Take with you while commuting, working, or traveling across the country - even around the world.
    • Featured with IPX5 Waterproof, ENACFIRE Future wireless headphones are built tough enough to endure everything from sweat to limited water activities. Fine enough for any adventures.
    • ENACFIRE Future wireless earbuds use a master-slave earbud system, which means that one earbud (the master) communicates with the device, while the other (the slave) connects to the master earbud. This configuration is commonly used in many true wireless earbuds. In a master-slave setup, when the master earbud is placed into the charging case, it interrupts communication with the slave earbud to conserve power. This technology will help in managing battery life effectively.
    ENACFIRE Future Wireless Earbuds
    ENACFIRE Future Wireless Earbuds Specifications


    Color: Blue, Purple, White
    Size: 20, 24
    Material: 100% Polyester


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