ENACFIRE E20 Wireless Earbuds
ENACFIRE Wireless Earphones, E20 Bluetooth Headphones Bluetooth 5.0
ENACFIRE Wireless Earphone features
ENACFIRE E20 Wireless Earbuds - 90 hours play time
ENACFIRE E20 Wireless Earbuds - fashion sports wearing
ENACFIRE E20 Wireless Earbuds

    ENACFIRE E20 Wireless Earbuds

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    About ENACFIRE E20 Wireless Earbuds (Only available in the UK)

    • ENACFIRE E20 wireless earbuds have infinite high-quality sound for listening and conversations. With in-ear design, whenever the earbuds and the ear canal can fit seamlessly. Experience music, movies, podcasts, and more in a whole new way, giving you a shocking feeling as same as watching a movie in the cinema.
    • Portable charging box with built-in 2600 mAh battery, the wireless earphones can be fully charged about 22 times. Only need 1 hour to be fully charged, you can get 4 hours of continuous music playtime. The charging case is like an emergency charging station, helping you charge your mobile phone after charging the headphones, ensuring continuous power and music on every trip.
    • With Bluetooth 5.0 connection technology, the connection speech is twice as fast as Bluetooth 4.2. E20 Bluetooth headphones are compatible with the two major system devices of Android and Apple. Whether traveling, sports, or at home, you can wear the wireless earbuds freely and regardless of the distance, enjoying wonderful music or answering calls if put the phone aside or in a bag.
    • Accompanied by one-step pairing and automatic connection, E20 Bluetooth earphones giving you a simpler true wireless new experience. The headphones will turn on and pair with each other once you take them out of the charging case. Control buttons on the headphones so that you can play and pause music, answer and end calls, saving you from all troubles.
    • The ergonomic design makes you free from fatigue even long time of wearing. Streamline design, simple and generous, which creates your own freestyle.


    the third generation e-series true wireless earbuds

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    ENACFIRE E20 Wireless Earbuds

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