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ENACFIRE Soundtank Bluetooth Speaker
Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Bass Plus Mode
ENACFIRE Soundtank Bluetooth Speaker
all day long playtime
360degree surround sound
bass plus button
ENACFIRE Soundtank Bluetooth Speaker
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    ENACFIRE Soundtank Bluetooth Speaker

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    About ENACFIRE Soundtank Bluetooth Speaker


    • ENACFIRE Soundtank Bluetooth speaker installed with 2 high-performance 20W vibrating drivers that creates an optimized sound field for dynamic range and exceptional clarity across all music. With true 360°surround sound, bring the actual live show to life.
    • Get 50% more bass effect in an instant, simply press the bass plus button once. With various internal equalizer equipped, you can easily switch between soft and rock music. Deeper, Heavier, Stronger.
    • Concern about bring it out for outdoor activities? Forget it! ENACFIRE Soundtank was born with water-resistant features that can easily withstand all kinds of water.
    • With ENACFIRE Soundtank portable wireless speaker, you can literally play the music consistently 24 hours on a single charge. All day, from day to night, it can be with you anytime, anywhere, no matter where you go.
    • With the latest Bluetooth technology, ENACFIRE Soundtank portable Bluetooth speaker provides a strong connection regardless of indoor or outdoor. Universal compatibility strengthens amazing music streaming.
    • Dual Stereo Pairing Mode: Pair two Soundtank portable Bluetooth speakers via a single device for double volume, extra bass, and extra fun. Perfect for outdoor places for BBQ, parties, and gatherings. (This function does not require a special app.)


      Color: Blue, Purple, White
      Size: 20, 24
      Material: 100% Polyester


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