ENACIFRE F2 Wireless Earbuds
connect in one second
switch in one second
ENACFIRE soundlife sound
stay put
36 hours playtime
smart touch control
ENACIFRE F2 Wireless Earbuds - ENACFIRE
IPX8 waterproof

    ENACIFRE F2 Wireless Earbuds

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    About ENACFIRE F2 Wireless Earbuds

    • ENACFIRE F2 is the wireless earbuds that represent Red Dot Design Awards' highest level of audio, design, and innovation among thousand of earbuds entries, true to the motto “good design and innovation”.
    • F2 wireless headphones catch the details of your music with the balanced and spacious audio crafted by ENACFIRE professional tuning team.
    • Never be without your music, because audio is a big part of your life. 6hrs of listening becomes 36hrs nonstop joy with the compact charging case that gives you 5 times full charges.
    • Sweat from an intense workout. Rain from a sudden shower. They might get these Bluetooth headsets wet, but they won’t dampen your listening experience.