What is ANC Mode on Headphones?

by Natalie Hathaway on February 23, 2021
enacfire-a9-earbudsENACFIRE A9
enacfire-a9-earbudsENACFIRE A9


What is ANC Mode on Headphones?

Whether you're on a plane, subway, or a crowded street, noise-canceling earphones will drown out almost everything around you. Bringing peace and quiet to your ears. But do you know what is ANC and how do the earphones work?


What is ANC?
ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) is a technology designed to reduce unwanted sound by actively adding a canceling sound wave. Hence, when you listen to your favorite song, your earphones can actively produce a sound wave to cancel the background noise.


Why You Need ANC While Wearing Earphones?
Whether you're on a plane, subway, or a crowded street, the ambient sound could destroy your immersion in enjoying the music. ANC helps you enjoy the rhythms and beats.

ANC helps you to focus on your work. It's a function that can work without playing music. As we explained above, the earphones create a sound wave to cancel the ambient sound. You can active your earphones' noise cancellation function when you need to focus. For everyday situations, it is important when you want to concentrate on yourself.

To some degree, ANC earphones protect your hearing. Loud music damages your ears, with the ANC function, users do not have to turn the sound too loud to hear.


How Does ANC Work?
Earbuds like ENACFIRE A9 provide a fully immersive audio experience. They deliver extra deep bass and ANC technology removes unwanted sound while preserving the original audio signal.

ANC technology is usually built directly into the earbuds, a microphone picks up the ambient noise and transmits it to the ANC processor. An identical 180-degree inverted waveform will be generated and sent back to the headphone speaker. The ambient noise wave and the newly generated waveform cancel each other out. This wave acts like a noise eraser and it cancels out the surrounding noise without diminishing the audio that you want to hear.

ANC filters are designed to operate mainly at the low frequencies you won't miss the important acoustic signals like an ambulance passing by. With ENACFIRE A9, it is easier to hear the waitress's voice in a crowded coffee shop. enacfire-a9-earbudsENACFIRE A9


How to Switch ANC Mode on ENACFIRE A9?
ANC mode will automatically be working when you turn the earbuds on. But you can toggle it off and on by tapping the left earbud once. When you activate noise cancellation, a voice will confirm 'Noise-canceling on'. When you turn noise cancellation off, a voice will confirm 'Noise-canceling off'.

ENACFIRE A9 also has a transparency mode which allows you to hear your surroundings better than you can with noise cancellation off. To activate the ambient mode, tap the left earbud once after noise cancellation has been turned off, and the voice will confirm 'Ambient on'.

To turn off transparency mode and return to active noise cancellation, tap the left earbud again. The voice will confirm 'Noise-canceling on'. We will talk about Transparent mode in the next article.


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