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Why Do We Need Transparency Mode?

by Scott Green on March 04, 2021
enacfire-a9-earbudsENACFIRE A9
enacfire-a9-earbudsENACFIRE A9


Why Do We Need Transparency Mode on Headphones?

In the last blog we talked about ANC technology, it is ideal for environments with lots of background noise and they give you the peace and quiet you need to get through that tough project or activity. But what if we want to interact and be aware of our surroundings?

ENACFIRE team is very thoughtful that when we released ENACFIRE A9 wireless earbuds with ANC(Active Noise Cancellation) mode, we made sure to accompany it with a Transparency mode feature. In this article we will be providing more detail on: what is Transparency mode and how do you switch between the two modes?


What is Transparency Mode?
In the last blog, we explained ANC technology will observe the surrounding sound, in order to produce a cancellation waveform. Transparency mode is taking in these surrounding sounds, amplified and played them from the earphone.

Instead of canceling the noise, it tends to bring in the ambient sound. For instance, if you turn on transparency mode while jogging, you can hear the birds chirping; if you are driving you will hear cars honking.


Why Do We Need Transparency Mode?
When people are running, jogging, walking, and cycling outsides where they should be more aware of the traffic and surroundings. It is also useful in the circumstances where you need to interact with people on the phone and the ones in the office.

In a nutshell, hearing ambient sound is important when communicating with people, like talking with a waiter or other service people. It takes time to pause the music or pull out the earphone to hear others. With transparency mode, it is much easier.


ANC Mode VS Transparency Mode
When you want to reduce unwanted background sound and focus yourself, you can turn on ANC mode.

You can switch to the transparency mode and hear what is going on around you when you want to talk to someone or pay attention to the surroundings.

enacfire-A9ENACFIRE A9


Switch to the Transparency Mode on ENACFIRE A9
ANC mode will automatically be working when you turn the earbuds on. But you can toggle it off and on by tapping the left earbud once. When you activate noise cancellation, a voice will confirm 'Noise-canceling on'. When you turn noise cancellation off, a voice will confirm 'Noise-canceling off'.

ENACFIRE A9 also has a transparency mode which allows you to hear your surroundings better than you can with noise cancellation off. To activate the ambient mode, tap the left earbud once after noise cancellation has been turned off, and the voice will confirm 'Ambient on'.

To turn off transparency mode and return to active noise cancellation, tap the left earbud again. The voice will confirm 'Noise-canceling on'.


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